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A mother and daughter duo founded a successful Coldwell Banker franchise 31 years ago — here’s what they have to say about breaking the glass ceiling in real estate
Oct 22
Consumers now must have a Google account and Google Assistant to use Nest products
Oct 22
Two experts answer five common questions about hiring the right property management company
Oct 22
Yet only 18% are willing to pay higher insurance premiums to protect their homes, according to a new survey
Oct 21
Nonprofit Community Solutions' Build for Zero program is helping communities end chronic and veteran homelessness through real-time data
Oct 16
Executive Chairman Georg Chmiel shares the simple things agents need to know about creating good energy through feng shui
Oct 16
Landlords have evicted more than 200 tenants ahead of Jan. 1 deadline to bypass 5% rent cap
Oct 14
EXp managing broker Craig Schaid posted an ad offering to sell homes for residents upset with the election of Montgomery’s first black mayor
Oct 11