This week, our readers tell us what they're doing to prepare for the winter months ahead, covering topics like virtual learning and marketing. Here's what you had to say
by Dan Pagliarini Nov 3
If you think this suit only affects Redfin, think again. It has the potential to impact everyone in this industry
by Dan Pagliarini Nov 3
Here's what you must consider to protect yourself, provide the highest possible level of client care and effectively compete with larger players
by Dan Pagliarini Nov 2
After merging with a national brokerage, I realized there were things about the boutique lifestyle that I’d never find in a national brand. Here are the major benefits of indie brokerages
by Dan Pagliarini Nov 1
Fear ruins creativity, but celebration and encouragement causes it to grow
by Kathleen Black Jul 23
Although no two properties are the same, this simple three-step process guarantees a smooth and successful launch for every listing
by coalesce_dev AND James Harris Jul 23
Leading a team isn’t easy. It's not like being a solo operator — it takes a separate skill set. Great team leaders have a knack for selecting the right person for the right role, among other abilities. Here are a few
by coalesce_dev Jul 23
Can Elm Street Technology's business productivity solution Elevate boost profits?
Smartly packaged from an assemblage of established technologies, Elevate is designed to nurture leads and manage business. It's among tough competition, but can it hold its own?
by Craig C. Rowe Dec 9
How to be a productive team in a shifting market
In a shifting market, one thing that will create success for a team is moving "lead generation" up to the top of their value proposition.
by David DeVoe Oct 24
5 tools that'll boost your team's productivity
These services streamline how we operate and give us insight and clarity
by Ryan Rodenbeck Oct 23
The blueprint for expanding your team profitably
Most teams wait too long to hire admin people and are too quick to bring on agents. The sole reason your team should be expanding is to provide better service to your clients.
by Chris Pollinger Oct 17
When to get rid of a struggling team member
Every agent who has the heart and desire to succeed in this business can do so in the right environment
by Dustin Pritchard Oct 10
How to pick the right person to join your team
Choosing the right team member is critical, here's what to look for
by Jay Dongieux Oct 3
Searching for a mentor? Look for these 11 qualities
The best mentors are progressive with their thinking, utilize technology in their daily business and set aside time to answer questions
by Missy Yost Sep 27
Brivity emphasizes follow-up and automation, starting with its websites
Ben Kinney assembled a number of technology acquistions into what is now called Brivity, a business lifecycle platform for teams that's heavy on follow-up and lead nurture. But is it the category's clear winner?
by Craig C. Rowe Sep 27