Veronika's Stories

On the show, Trecie Wheat Hughes and Jackie Wickens try "to" get buyers to see the potential in aging and run-down Montana properties
Apr 29
The move will allow Airbnb to cement relationships with multifamily owners and building operators
Apr 9
Spooky makeup, cobwebs and Halloween puzzles for clients' kids are some of the things agents are doing this year
Dec 9
On Monday, the Los Angeles Fire Department gave evacuation orders for 200 homes. Stars including Tyra Banks, Reese Witherspoon and Adam Levine live nearby
Dec 9
The expansive Neoclassical mansion in Los Angeles was decked out with art installations by light artist Olivia Steele
Dec 9
The Holcomb, Kansas, home inspired Truman Capote's bestselling book 'In Cold Blood'
Oct 24
The median sales price of all new homes sold in September was $299,400, according to the US Census Bureau
Oct 24
Google searches for this type of house, in which the bedrooms are split between the floors, have been on the increase
Oct 23