Largest MLS in the nation signs off on slew of big changes to listings (Select Version)
California Regional MLS, which boasts more than 108,000 subscribers, has instituted changes on how listing agents and brokers appear on online listing pages
by Eddison Lim Sep 22
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Cloudy and Windy Mild Tempura Spicy
Scheduled post for July 7, 2021

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by Eddison Lim Jul 7
Test - Americans head to the polls as real estate industry holds breath
Voters have to choose between President Trump and Joe Biden as concerns about unprecedented voter intimidation, fraud and violence swirl around the country. Real estate agents like Ellen Sykes of Warburg Realty volunteered at voting centers across the US
by coalesce_dev Jun 25
Changing work-from-home rules are rattling buyers — and their agents
Some2 homebuyers are being called back to the office earlier than expected, and it’s forcing them to drop out of deals and list the homes they just moved into, agents told Inman
by coalesce_dev Jun 25
Scheduled post on Wed June 3, 2021
Testing schedule post for Sailthru

Some excerpts here

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Winning Listings with Interactive CMAs
Learn how Cloud CMA makes CMAs easy, smart, and live! Interact with prospects by video, find comps together & dynamically mark-up homes, locations & important selling points.
by Dan Pagliarini Mar 3