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Spooky makeup, cobwebs and Halloween puzzles for clients' kids are some of the things agents are doing this year
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You'll be lucky if you make anything in the first six months
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Bel Air spec mansion with 21 bathrooms sells for $94M
Once listed for $250M, real estate developer Bruce Makowsky's mega-mansion sold for $94M after nearly 3 years on the market and a $60M lawsuit against Zillow
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How to make meaningful connections and profitable partnerships
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Finding your tribe: Where women in real estate can go for support
How C.A.R.’s WomanUp! initiative is driving a re-evaluation of the role of women in real estate leadership
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@properties founders launch agent-oriented podcast
'The Golden Wong Show' features company co-founders Mike Golden and Thad Wong and is specifically geared toward @properties' agents
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Invasion of the iSquatters: What happens when iBuyer self-tours go wrong?
Some iBuyers have drawn tech-savvy squatters who gain access to homes through company apps in a bid to find shelter or abuse drugs
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