How to sell investment properties
Real estate professionals said keys to selling investment properties include focusing on returns and thinking like a financial planner
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Vacasa wraps up purchase of Wyndham Vacation Rentals
The $162 million deal grows Vacasa's portfolio to more than 23,000 vacation rental units across four continents
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How to find a reliable property manager
Two experts answer five common questions about hiring the right property management company
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What you need to know before investing in a damaged home
Agents share their tips so that homebuyers and investors know what they're getting into
All that you need to know about filing Form 1099-MISC
Submitting the form allows you to qualify your rental property as a business and become eligible for related tax deductions
Is 'iRenting' becoming a thing? Startup secures $3.3M to find out
Doorstead, co-founded by an Uber vet, joins other startups in offering guaranteed rent to landlords
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Which US city has the smallest apartments? Hint: It’s not New York
Apartment Guide found the cities with the tiniest studio, 1- and 2-bedroom rental apartments
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luxury home interior
Low unemployment and a growing population make the Northeast ripe for investing
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When will real estate investors start reacting to climate change?
Climate change is making everything from flooding to wildfires to algae blooms worse. But real estate in affected communities isn't slowing — yet
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Economists and real estate agents are mixed about the impact the next recession will have on housing
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Toronto skyline
San Francisco and Toronto are at most risk, according to UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index
Hotels set the pace for consumers’ smart home expectations
Two smart-home technology experts share how homeowners want to bring their hotel tech experiences home
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Los Angeles to implement strict rent controls in unincorporated areas
Proposal would link rent hikes in some areas to overall rate of inflation and make it more difficult to evict tenants
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Beyond Pricing raises $42.5M in Series A funding round
The proptech startup provides pricing recommendations for short-term rental hosts
Don't find yourself 'plumb out of luck' by making this plumbing mistake
Two experts share plumbing material options and the No. 1 rule of plumbing repairs: Don't mix materials
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