Adam's Stories

It's tempting to pile on new agents quickly, but experience shows that a more deliberate approach is best
Sep 9
Why you should approach real estate from a place of pure joy
Jul 12
Find what brings you joy, mix that with your strengths, add a dash of long-term vision, and you will know whether you should stop selling and what your next move is
May 30
If you're on the fence about hiring an assistant, we are about to make your life a whole like easier
Mar 5
From emotional intelligence and relationship building, to inspirational talent and varying success formulas, ICNY 19 was a lesson in real estate life
Feb 15
'I challenge you to learn to love all aspects of your life. All of it. The struggles, the pain, the joy, the weaknesses, the laughter. Appreciate the fact that you are alive!' - Adam Hergenrother
Jan 14
Keller understands that as a leader, in times of stress, uncertainty, tight deadlines, big challenges and seemingly impossible odds, bold moves are required
Jan 10
Focus on one appointment a day, and you won’t just survive the shift, you and your business will thrive
Dec 8