As summer turns to fall, Inman checked in with Maverick Design’s Trend Report to see the latest in home interiors. From statement stones to daring details, bold looks are drawing attention in 2023
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The standard for appropriate business attire is always a moving target, especially in real estate. How should residential real estate brokers navigate this ever-shifting playing field?
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Real estate is a journey everyone will be taking together. That makes communication with family members essential when launching a new career
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In the spotlight this week: After a stint on 'The Apprentice,' John Gafford of Simply Vegas took the challenge of getting his license and applying his entrepreneurial bent to real estate
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Find out why award-winning Emerald Coast real estate agent Brandon Zellers knows that there's magic in the follow-up
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Meet Denver, Colorado's Ryan Carter. After becoming a top team leader with employee-owned 8z, he became the president
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With little dependable income, failing to make podium or secure corporate sponsorships means more time living with roommates, aspiring Olympians and their advocates told Inman
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On Thursday a column in The Wall Street Journal reignited an age-old debate: Shoes on or shoes off inside the home? As expected, the question drew heat from both sides of the shoe bin
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Controversial comedian Dave Chappelle lobbied hard against a housing project and threatened to pull his business interests out of the town if a zoning change was approved
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Daily disciplines, seizing opportunities and embracing change are among Rohn's most effective messages. Use them to change your business
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Meet Southern California's Troy Palmquist, founder of two luxury indie brokerages, author, cancer survivor and philanthropist
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Former Miami Century 21 real estate agent Willy Suarez Maceo was charged with murder this month after police reviewed surveillance footage
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Prices are up as high as 30% in some relocation hotspots across the Sun Belt, where 9 of the 10 most popular US relocation destinations are, according to a report from Redfin released Monday
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Jamaica hopes to send an ice hockey team to compete at a future winter games — with support from what might seem like an unlikely Arizona-based real estate backer
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Tight deadlines, long hours, a pandemic — real estate is stressful in 2022. Check out these mental health apps for real estate agents to ensure you're a priority even if the transaction gets chaotic
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Meet Tacoma, Washington, brokers (and husband-and-wife duo) Anne and Dave Jones. Find out why we’re celebrating these incredible leaders who are always fighting for equity in real estate
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