Christy Murdock's Stories

According to pioneering NYC broker Ted Karagannis of Warburg Realty, keeping an open mind and letting the client take the lead can pay big dividends
Apr 16
Whether it’s a friend, family member or significant other, more and more people are buying a home with someone they’re not married to. What do your clients need to know to make it a smart move?
Mar 29
According to Warburg Realty broker Annie Cion Gruenberger, connecting on a deeper level with clients can make you new friends — and make you their lifelong go-to real estate professional
Dec 9
Stop the endless quest for more leads, perfect leads or easy leads when you nurture your existing leads more effectively
Nov 27
How C.A.R.’s WomanUp! initiative is driving a re-evaluation of the role of women in real estate leadership
Oct 25
Just because you’re new, doesn’t mean you have to sound like it. Here’s how to market yourself effectively — even if you just passed the test
Oct 24
Whatever your background, here are the main things to focus on as you launch your real estate career
Oct 23
If you’re thinking of dipping your toe in the real estate waters, here are some of the things you’ll need to know
Oct 11