'The demand for workers is there but people are not coming into the industry,' NAR Chief Economist says
by Dan Pagliarini | Sep 9
The California Department of Real Estate (CDRE) filed a complaint against the virtual brokerage documenting 72 state regulations violations
by Dan Pagliarini | Sep 9
A proposed rule change would let smaller lenders avoid government data reporting requirements if they only make a few closed-end mortgages per year
by Dan Pagliarini | Sep 9
The Big Apple's long-standing tax will soon become significantly more expensive for high-end properties
by Dan Pagliarini | Sep 9
David Lyle Morgan allegedly tried to stop Fannie Mae from gaining a title so he could sell a property
by Emma Hinchliffe | Sep 9
The sale is raising red flags in D.C., but agents characterize the blockbuster deal as par for the course in the years leading up to the financial collapse
The plan likely won't get far in Congress, which already recently passed its own two-year budget extension
Senator Elizabeth Warren says hackers not only accessed but removed 145 million consumers' personal information
by Marian McPherson | Sep 9
Hosts can now report their home sharing income when applying for refinancing
by Emma Hinchliffe | Sep 9
Joint DOJ-FTC antitrust workshop to be held sometime in the spring
by Andrea V. Brambila | Sep 9
Study shows residents are leaving California and New York for central Sun Belt metros
by Gill South | Sep 9
National Fair Housing Alliance accuses German banking and financial behemoth of neglecting foreclosed properties in minority neighborhoods