Cara's Stories

Save your buyer clients' heartache and hassle by explaining these pitfalls of homebuying
Jul 16
You might want to discuss these common issues upfront with your client to prevent drama
Jul 10
Enhance your working relationships with clients by making sure they understand how the real estate market really works. Read on to find out how
Jun 26
Home sale contingencies come in all shapes and size. Here are some strategies for pushing ahead when they threaten to derail or significantly slow down a transaction
Jun 12
Educating sellers on the appraisal process helps manage expectations. It gives them a realistic understanding, and it will enable them to navigate the process successfully
May 29
At this point in the deal, it's in both the buyers' and the sellers' best interest to follow these steps
May 15
Be proactive with answers, and you'll save your buyers all the stress and headaches that can happen in the process
May 5
Do a little legwork and prep ahead of time, and the big day will be a breeze for your clients
May 1