Joshua Carpenter shares the tech tools that help him sell

Joshua Carpenter, VP of US Sales at Juwai, discusses technology and international real estate.

by Inman Apr 22
The Mars Rover on Mars

It might be so out-of-this-world that none of the normal rules apply — some people think it’s Mars. What do you think?

by Inman Mar 25
What we can learn from new business models overseas

New business models that are taking off overseas don’t always have applicability to real estate in the United States — but then again, you never know!

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Success stories in global networking
3 top brokers talk international affairs
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Connecting with Chinese buyers
Simon Henry talks about growing your business by looping in Chinese real estate investors and buyers
by Inman Sep 4
Over 300 real estate blogging and video ideas to last the rest of your career
Engage your audience by sharing your knowledge and expertise and showcase who you really are
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