Cara's Stories

Just as a buyer needs to do their due diligence, a seller needs to do theirs so that bad judgement calls don’t derail their deal
Apr 17
What agents can do to soften the blows of unanticipated mold, unpermitted structures, underwhelming funds and other issues that derail the sale
Apr 3
Equip your clients to handle the emotional transaction process before they get started
Mar 9
Whether it is posturing, stalling on purpose or issues that must be resolved, delays in the negotiation process can cause a domino effect for all involved
Mar 6
From taking calls during client meetings to being sloppy with contracts, here's why consumers get frustrated with their real estate agents
Feb 20
The worst thing a negotiator can do is create an expectation of how an offer will be received
Feb 6
These projects impact everyone in proximity to the home — and their home values, sellability and general mental state
Jan 23
Here are the top six myths about online property shopping -- busted
Jan 9