You need to find what you stand for before you can figure out your logo and tagline
Feb 1
A panel at Inman Connect New York 2019 discussed strategies for being savvy and helpful in an increasingly multicultural country
Jan 31
A panel of young adults and teens grew up in a multiscreen world but say they prefer the human touch guiding them through real estate
Jan 31
Allowing renters to pay for space by the minute, the platform claims it can net hosts over $2,000 a month
Jan 29
Aging ‘70s-era Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) cars could become tomorrow’s apartments
Jan 17
The Missouri couple planned to spend the money on a home closer to their grandchildren, but a scammer baited them with a fraudulent email
Dec 21
Homesellers in the Texas city will be able to log onto Zillow's website and get an all cash-offer on their properties from the real estate tech giant
Dec 19
The startup launched by former Casper mattress and HuffPo execs offers transparent options with materials included and for discounted prices
Dec 13