John's Stories

If you find yourself in a 'no-win' position with a prospect or client and there is little to no hope of getting a deal done, then it is time to fire them
Apr 8
Internet scammers are a serious concern for the real estate industry. Here's how to protect yourself and your clients
Oct 20
The inspection process evaluates the current performance of the home’s systems and their features, not the cosmetic defects or design issues
Oct 6
If you plan properly and are strategic with your marketing, you’re more likely to land great offers that will lead to a sale
Sep 22
If you work with FSBOs in the right way, you can provide yourself with another revenue stream and maybe even an excellent source for referrals
Sep 8
These 5 points form the bedrock of every successful listing agent's conversation with prospective sellers
Aug 25
To keep transactions moving, the best move is to communicate, communicate, communicate
Aug 18
Being human often means being indecisive, especially about big purchases like a house. Here are 6 ways to help clients stay focused
Jul 22