Mike's Stories

The best practice — and the most transparent — is talking about equity as equity, debt as debt, and not inflating the headline number by combining the two
Sep 30
Evidence suggests that Zillow is taking iBuying seriously, but its motivations might differ significantly from other players
Sep 3
With no iBuyer strategy, yet many options, realtor.com is falling further behind in delivering value to both consumers and agents. Here’s why
Aug 15
The tech-driven brokerage needs to be more than that to justify its valuation — a real estate platform perhaps? Here’s why I think that’s the ultimate goal
Jul 3
Having raised over $1.1B, Compass is unequivocally causing a revolution in the traditional real estate industry
May 23
Regardless of whether Compass is a tech company, it needs to be one — both to support its massive valuation of $4.4B and to be a lasting, sustainable business
May 7
The tech-focused brokerage’s competitve advantage is access to capital, and it’s parlaying that advantage into a massive agent recruiting tool at scale
May 1
The US hurdle: Purplebricks' massive marketing spend is not generating enough customers
Apr 25